Mugs - $18.00 Corkscrews - $15.00 Coasters - $6.00 Wooden Postcards - $5.00 Keychains - $4.00 Fridge Magnets - $4.00 Vintage Fruit Box Labels - $1.00

JL Cards.jpg


We have a lovely selection of cards by Joan Lansdell that feature historic barns in Summerland. Each card is $3.00.

We also have cards with prints by Randy Manuel and postcards with historical photographs of Summerland for 25 cents each.

TROUT CREEK: Celebrating History, Land and Neighbourhood (2018)

By Mary D. Trainer

Trout Creek: Celebrating History, Land and Neighbourhood is an entertaining narrative with over 110 well-chosen historical and current photos and maps that document the history of Trout Creek. $35 cash/cheque (a portion of net proceeds benefit the Summerland Museum).



Edited by Murray A. Roed and Robert J. Fulton

Okanagan Geology South is a fascinating read that details the unique geologic features of the south Okanagan Valley. “The book has over 150 colour illustrations, is written in a non-technical manner, and will be of interest to anyone who is curious about the origins of the many spectacular landforms, lakes, and streams of the south Okanagan Valley.” $20 (Currently sold out)

Cup of Tea.jpg

Summerland: In Celebration of 100 Years (2006)

Published by the Summerland Museum and Heritage Society and the Centennial Committee

Enjoy reading about some of our early history and reminisce with Summerlanders who have shared their fondest memories for this Centennial offering. Learn about the incorporation of Summerland, Nicola Prairie, Priest Camp, Lord Shaughnessy, and so much more. $10

Will you have a Cup of Tea? or Summerland grows, 1905-06-07 (1992)

By the Summerland Museum Archivists and edited by Doreen Tait

This book features Summerland pioneers from 1905, 1906, and 1907. Transcripts from tapes made in the 1970s by local pioneers are also included. Through short biographies, photographs, and a selection of recipes and old-timer tales, the early days of Summerland come alive.


Summerland Remembers (2007)

By David Gregory and Sherril Foster

This book is about Summerland’s fallen soldiers and the town that supported them through prayers, parcels from home, the purchase of Victory bonds, and the dedication of our Memorial Park. $10

Ted tells (okanagan) Tales (1968, reprinted 1990)

By Ted Logie

This entertaining book contains true and hilarious stories from Okanagan pioneers (including many Summerlanders). $10

OHS 2019.jpg

83rd Report of the Okanagan Historical Society (2019)

Come to the Summerland Museum for the Okanagan Historical Society’s latest report! This edition features stories about the Gladstone Mine, Ice Rinks of Summerland, Summerland’s Water System, the Kettle Valley Brakemen, and much more! $25

OHS Books.jpg

PAST okanagan Historical society ANNUAL reports

The amount of information about Okanagan history in these reports is astounding! We also have OHS editions available for loan in our research library.

Reports from 2000 to 2017 are $10.

Reports from 1965 to 1999 are $5.

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You never know what selection of old treasures we might have on sale! We are always adding to our selection of assorted books, so come to the museum often to see what is available.