The Summerland Museum and Archives collects documents, photos, maps, and objects that were made, used, or have particular importance to the history of the Summerland District, as well as surrounding areas of Faulder, Meadow Valley, Bathfield, Agur Lake, Bald Range, and Darke Lake. 

You can find more information in our Collections Policy, and be sure to check our Research page for information on accessing the collections.



The archival holdings of the Summerland Museum include documents, photos, maps, newspapers, and records.

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Collections at the Summerland Museum include implements and tools from a variety of trades, clothing and household goods, furniture, recreational objects, and display and packaging materials.



In 2006, the Summerland Museum was gifted with almost one hundred pieces of art collected by resident and former museum director, Doreen Tait. The collection, begun in the 1950s, includes photographs, watercolours, oils, pen and inks, and pastels, all created by local artists. The Tait collection augments a collection of art at the Museum that includes artists such as Irvine Adams, Ken Ballantyne, Bruce Crawford, and many more!